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Prepare for the Fall with us….

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Fri, August 15                
                                     5:30pm              Gold Ticket Volunteer Pre-sale
                                     5:45pm              Silver Ticket Volunteer Pre-sale
                                     6:00pm              Super Volunteer Pre-sale
                                     6:30pm              Volunteer Pre-sale
                                     7:45pm              Kidz Care Sponsor Pre-sale
                                     8:00pm              Consignor Pre-sale
Sat, August 16             8:00am              First Time Parents’ Pre-sale 
                                                                Adv online registration required; click above for info

                                     10:00am - 7pm  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Sun, August 17            11:00am - 4pm  Open to the Public
Mon, August 18            9:30am - 7pm   Closed for Restocking         
                                      7:00pm - 9pm   RESTOCKED! Benefit Pre-Sale 
                                                                NEW ITEMS on the floor, $5 entry fee to benefit BRPC                                                                  

Tues, August 19          9:30am - 7pm   Open to public - NEW ITEMS on the floor!
Wed, August 20           9:30am - 7pm    Open to public

Thur, August 21           9:30am - 7pm    Open to public
Fri, August 22              9:30am - 2pm       Open to public; 25% off many items
                                     5:30pm - 7:30pm  Half Price Pre-sale for Vol & Consignors 
                                                                    Entry times: Gold @5:30, Silver @5:45, Super @6pm
                                                                                   Volunteers @ 6:15pm; Consignors @ 6:30pm
                                     7:30pm - 9pm      Half Price Pre-sale - Open to public
                                                                    Entry fee is donation of one gently used coat

Sat, August 23             8:00am - 1pm    Open to public; 50% off many items!

Click HERE for a Fall sale flyer you can print out & help spread the word!

Interested in GIVING BACK to a local child in need?  Sign up to sponsor a child through  “KIDZ CARE” and receive a PRE-SALE PASS to shop early!  Click HERE for more info about how to be a part of this special program for our community.

Kidz Kraze is a HUGE week long children’s consignment event.  Come shop with us and find some amazing deals!  With hundreds of local families consigning, there is everything imaginable for kids at a fraction of retail price!  We only take gently used items and are organized like a retail store to make shopping easy! 

Over 40,000 items for sale including: 
*Fall/Winter children’s clothes and shoes (NB - 16) and maternity
*Toys, books, games, DVDs
*Exersaucers, swings, high chairs, strollers, pack n plays, furniture
*Much more!

Fort Hill Shopping Center
6015 Fort Ave, Lynchburg

To view on a map or for directions, click HERE

Tips for Kidz Kraze Shoppers:

  We’d prefer CASH to cut down on fees, but will accept Visa & MC. (We are no longer accepting Discover).  You must have an ID to use a debit/credit card.

   In an effort to GIVE BACK, we are asking each shopper to bring at least one non perishable, non expired food item to donate to the LFCN food pantry to help a family in need.  We will also be collecting donations of gently used (or new) stuffed animals to the The Teddy Bear Brigade.  Please consider donating a stuffed animal to comfort a child in need!
  We do have bags available to borrow while you shop, but experienced consignment sale shoppers recommend a laundry basket pulled by a belt!

  During peak shopping times, the crowds can make shopping with little ones a challenging experience.  While we welcome your children and are happy to have them, it may be more enjoyable for you if they didn’t come along.  Consider teaming up with a friend and switch off shopping and watching the kids.

  Come again later in the week - New items arrive on Monday evening, and there is SO much that there are still great deals to be found all week long! 

August 16th-23rd
6015 Fort Ave, Lynchburg
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Kidz Kraze Volunteers Shop First!!!

Volunteer for:

*ONE shift - 
You’ll receive a pass to shop early (before consignors, first time moms, & general public) at our Volunteer Pre-sales!

*TWO shifts - (at least 1 of the 2 shifts must be worked during the sale week - not alternative volunteer options like providing snacks, etc)
-You’ll receive a pass to shop early at our Super Volunteer Pre-sales (before 1 shift volunteers, consignors, first time moms, & general public)! 

*THREE shifts - (at least 2 of the 3 shifts must be worked during the sale week - not alternative volunteer options like providing snacks, etc)
-Your consignor registration fee will be refunded
-You’ll receive a pass to shop early at our exclusive Silver Ticket Volunteer Pre-sales, AND 
-You’ll receive a “SILVER TICKET” which entitles you to jump to the front of the line of your choice once during the sale (ex: front of entry line to get into a sale or front of line to check out). (With the exception of the Benefit Pre-sale)

*FOUR shifts - (at least 3 of the 4 shifts must be worked during the sale week - not alternative volunteer options like providing snacks, etc)
-Your consignor registration fee will be refunded
-You’ll receive a pass to SHOP FIRST at our exclusive Gold Ticket Volunteer Volunteer Pre-sales,AND
-You’ll receive a “GOLD TICKET” which entitles you to jump to the front of any/all lines during the duration of the sale. (With the exception of the Benefit Pre-sale)

volunteer details

 All volunteers must sign our Volunteer Waiver online when they register as a volunteer.
 We really rely on our volunteers and need you to be there when you are scheduled.  
     Please be on time and plan to stay for your entire shift.  The deadline to change or
     remove yourself from your volunteer shift is July 30th.  After this time, you are for
     responsible for finding a replacement if you cannot fulfill your commitment.       
  Please do not bring your child with you to your volunteer shift. Infants that can be 
     “worn” are the only exception. 
 Your early shopping pass will be available for pick-up at the sale location just before the  
     volunteer pre-sale begins on Friday evening.  
 Your spouse or parent is welcome to join you at the Volunteer Pre-sale, but friends will   
     be required to have their own Pre-sale pass. 
 There will be absolutely no shopping allowed during your shift (including setting items   
     aside), so please schedule your volunteer shift during a time that you do not care to